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Fork head and tripod

If you are in the market for scaffolding equipment we manufacture fork heads and tripods used together to be used to support beams. They are one of our best selling items, as they are so important for the fixing in place for H20 beams.

They are made in wither light (2.2kg, or heavy (3kg) applications and are manufactured with cold-dip galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing treatments.

Used together, the fork head holds the beam while the tripod becomes fixed into the concrete to stabilise the structure. Think of the scaffold tripod is an accessory which acts as a foot to support the fork head which in term holds the H20 beam in place.

Our fork heads can be used with standard verticals as well as with scaffold tripods that can be adjusted.

We are always helping you in deciding what sort of scaffolding equipment you will need for your next construction project.

You can choose from a range of fixed or collapsible tripods or props to use with the fork heads that we manufacture and supply. Like all of our other safety rail equipment, these also meet the European safety Standard 13374, and our company is certified UNI EN 9001:2008 and uses renewable energy in our manufacturing.