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Garment handling trolley transportation

If you have garment handling and trolley transportation needs, we at Metal House have come up with some highly innovative and industry specific solutions. For example, we have conducted detailed studies on the internal dimensions of transportation vehicles such as commercial vans, trucks and shipping containers. We understand that internal space needs to be optimized in order to keep as many garments, transported in good condition rather and that straight to market delivery is the aim of the game.

Transporting garments ready to sell is an important aspect of the fashion industry. Instead of wasting resources on folding, packaging, unpack aging, pressing, displaying. The entire cycle can be shorted by end to end garment handling  via trolley transportation is a significant cost and time saving method to get your products to retailers and into the customers’ shopping bags.

We have managed to provide specialised products such as telescopic hanging rails, and garment racks that you can fit into your vehicles for maximum business efficiency. We have a range of purpose designed racks, rails and panels on which to support the racks.

Our systems are made from lightweight yet sturdy plastic and metal pieces, so you can transport your garments from warehouse to shop floor, ready to sell.