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Safety Regulations

Safety Regulations

Metal House pays great attention to the EU regulations concerning safety, and manufactures its products in accordance with strict European standards.

For this reason, Metal House takes particular care in the creation and the design of a fashion warehouse and of all its components, in particular to walkways, handrails, stairs and loading - unloading platforms.


We can divide the risk areas of a warehouse in two main categories:


1. The risks related to the environment (like flooring, shelving, space) and its organization (the procedures used and the technical aspects of the system linking work and structure, such as tows and switch) and the risks related to an incorrect working mode of the operators.

2. The critical issues related to the handling of loads: the actions carried out by the staff in order to move a mass, and the characteristics of the mass: the limits of weight, size, stability of the load and the distance of the object according to whether the movement takes place manually or with mechanical tools.


These risks translate into regulatory constraints in warehouse management that must be taken into consideration during the design of the structure and during the logistic processes that take place within it.

In addition to influencing safety, these rules affect the speed and cost of logistics flows, but their respect puts the company free from harmful events. It is important to take into account the current safety regulations in defining the environment of the warehouse and the procedures to be followed by those who work.



MH regards the security of those working in the warehouse environment as the primary aspect to safeguard. The safety and efficiency of the warehouse are our priority during all phases of the design and the installation of a logistics system.


Metal House has obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 2008 thanks to the safety and quality of its products and the professionalism with which they are manufactured.

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