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Storage & Warehouse

METAL HOUSE Fashion Logistics is the answer to the constantly changing needs of companies working in the field of fashion logistics.


In 2012 Metal House entered the logistics industry field by acquiring an Italian company with over 30 years of experience with important fashion brands. This way the already acquired logistics technical know-how has been combined with the main characteristics of Metal House: flexibility, quality, speed and customer orientation. As of today, the Group is able to produce high-performance technologically advanced products, certified and patented.


The FLEXYMOD AIR & SHELF modular system is a unique and flexible solution for your warehouse management. As for the logistics for apparel, MH offers the FLEXYMOD FASHION version.


It’s the result of years of study in contact with key players in the field of fashion logistics and aims to establish itself as a new trend-setter in the field of garment handling on hangers. The structure was designed and developed to be flexible and durable: the modular system can be adapted to any type of warehouse, while its flexibility makes it ideal for all types of storage for hanging and folded garments, fashion accessories and more, with efficiency, speed and simplicity.


FLEXYMOD AIR & SHELF FASHION is the combination of two systems in one:


FLEXYMOD AIR FASHION is the solution that Metal House has designed for the fashion logistics for hanging garments. It’s a semi-automatic system equipped with overhead trolleys which run on rails placed on the whole area of warehouse used for the storage.


FLEXYMOD SHELF FASHION is the evolution of the classic rack shoulders; designed for the management of folded garments and fashion accessories, this product clearly embodies the philosophy of METAL HOUSE; synonymous of simplicity, flexibility and effectiveness, FLEXYMOD SHELF delivers an unrivaled handling capacity for your folded goods.


The advantages of using the MH modular semi-automatic system are:


- Space optimization, filling every area of your warehouse, from the ground to the ceiling and throughout the whole perimeter;

- Increased apparel storage capacity;

- Ability to periodically alternate areas for hanging or folded garments with simplicity and speed, always adapting to the needs of fashion brands and seasonalities;

- Storage elasticity for hanging garments: the structure allows to adjust at any time the height of eachshelving, housing products of any size and type;

- A more accurate management of every single garment thanks to the overhead trolley system, from the receiving of the goods up until its shipment; the trolley can be used for transporting hanging garments hooking crutches directly on the carriage, or folded garments and accessories using hanging baskets;

- Quick and accurate picking, with the possibility of doing many picks simultaneously and to manually reach each storage level;

- Totally customizable, allowing you to place at your choice every area of the warehouse (inbound, outbound, quality, etc ...) already from the early planning stages;

- Custom design: all areas of the warehouse are designed and tailor-made. Metal House creates its structure as a tailor prepares the most prestigious dress for you;

- Lower energy, heating and maintenance costs;

- Optimization of human resources.


In terms of functionality, the MH is a solution to the needs of apparel handling in all its phases:


a) WAREHOUSE RECEPTION / VEHICLES UNLOADING: through the load –unload garment rail system that is installed at the access gate, the garments can be easily loaded directly onto our garment handling trolley transportation system with trolleys or aerial baskets without interruption until the INBOUND area;


b) WAREHOUSE HANDLING: from the INBOUND area the garments, through overhead trolleys or aerial baskets, can go to the CHECK-IN area and are then ready to be stored. In case of multi-storey warehouses, the goods can reach the storage area thanks to the clothing conveyor system placed on each level. It’s also possible to manage the products with forklifts and bascules;


c) STORAGE: Once they have reached their destination, the goods are manually oriented through tows to the stock area; the process is done easily, accurately and without physical exertion;


d) PICKING: speed and accuracy are the added values on which MH has designed this structure. The use of elevated platforms, metal grids, stairs and tows, makes the picking phase easy and immediate. Thanks to trolleys and aerial baskets, the operator can continue the activity for the entire length of the warehouse without interruptions between the various areas;


e) SHIPMENT: the garments reach the ground floor through motorized or brush descenders; thanks to the tows, the goods can pass through the PACKAGING area and can finally be grouped in the OUTBOUND zone. At this point the garments are pushed up to the extension rod and inside the vehicles.


Embodiment of speed, reliability and first quality storage capacity, FLEXYMOD AIR & SHELF FASHION is the ideal solution for those looking for a fashion logistics' tailored product which is functional, efficient and always up to date. This MH warehouse garment modular rack system offers a superb performance with a focus on management cost savings.

Metal House’s staff will always stay in contact with your company to fully understand your needs and requirements, thus developing an optimized and effective solutionthat is also in harmony with your warehouse.

FLEXYMOD by Metal House: modular flexibility for intelligent logistics!

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