Metal House Srl has worked for over 15 years in the field of galvanic treatments and performs electrolytic galvanizing for many other companies. In our 3.000 square meters factory are installed two acid galvanizing implants a barrel one and a static galvanizing one. The barrel implant has 2 galvanizing wagons, each of the capacity of 40/50 Kg, with an automatic cycle for the treatment of small iron pieces. The static hook implant has 3 wagons with automatic cycle, 200cm x 150cm x 50cm sized tanks, and is used for the treatment of medium-sized products.

The treatments allow to obtain technical performance of high quality, low environmental impact, and allow to coat plates also very thin and / or with small diameter holes.
Our qualified staff also work with the utmost care of the customer and is ready to solve quickly and concrete every situation.

We can perform two different types of passivation which endow the goods with different aesthetic appearance and technical qualities:

  • WHITE PASSIVATION silvery color with blue reflections
  • YELLOW OR TROPICAL PASSIVATION with iridescent highlights.

The final treatments are available as: trivalent (or roto-static) blue passivation CrIII, conforming to RoHS; CrIII (barrel and static) high strength passivation, conforming to RoHS directive.

Thanks to our professionalism, business organization and warehouse efficiency, we can provide the treatment within 2-3 working days after the delivery of your material.

In the coming months, MH will install a new larger static plant; the new tanks will have a size of 250cm x170cm x 100cm and the galvanizing will be alkaline. This type of treatment allows to obtain a greater penetration of the zinc within the product and gives the latter a more homogeneous processing.

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