Metal House S.r.l. is located in Brogliano, near Vicenza (Italy). The establishment consists of a production center of 15.000 square meters dedicated to the creation, processing and assembly of finished products, together with the executive, commercial, technical and administrative offices, a showroom and an area dedicated to shipments.
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The company today is an important and historical reality in the territory with a young and dynamic team that carries on the heritage of the original founders.

The production is divided into two sectors, construction and logistics.

Metal House manufactures and markets products for the building industry, collective fall and edge protection systems, permanent guardrails and construction site equipment, establishing itself as one of the European leaders in the industry.

In logistics, MH is a ground-breaker in the structures for fashion warehouses. The company designs and manufactures logistics systems for the storage, handling and transportation of hanging and folded garments, also offering a wide range of accessories for garment warehouse racking, garment rails and restraint tracks.

In addition to the two main productive areas, within our establishment we also take care of many metal processes, ranging from the molding of small metal parts to light carpentry, including the final treatments of galvanizing and painting.

The company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, and protects the environment by using renewable energy for its production.

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Our History

The Cracco Metal Group (CMG) was created in 1985 by Mr. Giampietro Cracco, who in 2001, after twenty years of experience in the fields of molding, light carpentry and building site equipment, founded Metal House Srl in order to enter the market of construction with his own brand.

Over the years, the company has increased its efficiency with significant investments aimed at raising the quality of products and services, the technological level of production and manufacturing speed through the acquisition of advanced automated and robotized machinery.



an important project of enlargement and renovation of existing facilities led to the acquisition of a new industrial building and a warehouse for a total of 5800 square meters which were added to the already present 8000;



installation of two new implants for electrolytic galvanizing;


installation of a new powder paint implant;


acquisition of a new industrial building of 2200sqm;


installation of new chrome plating implant and renewal of the ISO 9001 certification;


acquisition of latest generation punching machine for metalworking;



purchase of a new machine with laser cutting technology.
Since its founding, Metal House has continued to grow more and more thanks to its dedication to the customer and the attention to detail that characterizes the work of this group, along with the characteristics of flexibility and elasticity that have always been its strengths.

These features have given us the motivation to undertake new major production projects and thus open up new markets: since 2012 in fact, the company has successfully entered the field of industrial logistics for fashion, focusing in particular on the production of equipment and accessories for the transportation, storage and handling of hanging garments, acquiring a company working in this field for over 30 years.

Today, Metal House is an efficient and dynamic company with a vocation to internationality, ready to follow the changes of the market and to influence the sectors in which it operates with its new products, which are the result of investments in R&D and of the work of a highly efficient team.