Metal House S.r.l.
Metal House is among the European leaders in the production and sale of construction equipment and fall protection systems.

The company pays great attention to quality: our products are exclusively built with certified first quality materials, complying with the latest safety standards.

The technical, sales and purchase departments are always looking for new products in order to expand the range of our catalogue and to offer our customers a complete choice with the best value for money.

All the products related to constructions are certified and patented, and all have in common the desire to make the building site a more practical and safer place for those who work there, with solutions of our own design or customized following the indications of our clients.

Our metal structures and the range of building site equipment are designed to meet all the needs of our customers and the main requirements of the modern building industry, like building speed, safety and best value for money.

Metal House fall protection systems (temporary and fixed guardrails) are suitable for every type of coverage, and are certified in accordance with national and EU regulations EN 13374 and EN 14122-3 and are all covered by insurance.

Thanks to the quality and reliability of its products, Metal House is chosen by prestigious partners for major construction sites all over the world.

Safety Regulations

Metal House pays great attention to the EU safety regulations, manufacturing products made in accordance with current EU norms.

All Metal House building equipment is certified by the EN 13374 and EN 14122-3 norms and is ideal for the safety of industrial roofs, as required by Italian and EU regulations.