Sanitizing Box O3


 The active oxygen is an allotrope form of oxygen, it`s molecule is built by three oxygen atoms.
It`s stinging odor has being also found during weather storms, caused by active oxygen, released during storm lightning.
Active oxygen stands as essential molecule for the planet Earth because of it capacity to absorb the ultraviolet light (the ozone layer found in stratosphere protecting planet Earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays caused by the sun).
Thanks to the ‘’extra atom’’ it’s highly reactive and really selective when it comes to macromolecular components contained in bacteria, fungus, protozoans and virus.

 Active oxygen characteristics

The main characteristics of the active oxygen are:
It has elevated oxygen power, being an instable molecule;
It has the capacity to degrade complex compounds that are not biodegradable;
Powerful disinfectant with wide action specter;
It can be used for sanitizing water, air or closed space;
Contrary to other disinfectant (ex. Chlorine) doesn’t leave any traces;
After 20 min O3 is going to be transformed in Oxygen and does not require elimination treatments.

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