Vehicle interior fittings for hanged garments

Metal House has studied specific solutions for the transportation of hanging garments on trucks, vans and minivans, containers. Especially in case of trucks and small scale vans, space optimization is very important.The adaptation of the profiles to the technical characteristics of the vehicle is guaranteed by the know-how acquired through years of experience, which allows us to make you get an over the top performance. Below are the different types of kits for vehicles, all linked by the following advantages:• High flow rate and increased capacity obtained with the optimization of volumes;• Ability to adapt to vehicles of different widths thanks to the new POWER EXTENSION system with telescopic rod;• Multiple types of bar holding panels with different anchoring systems to be used according to the type of vehicle.• Increased ability to customize the product (customizable colors and writings)• Use of highly resistant but lightweight material, such as special fiber ABS, anodized aluminum, all extruded in our special geometry.