Edge protection systems

Metal House leads by producing edge protection systems which withstand the demands of construction sites. We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing protective systems for over 20 years and in that time, we have created solutions for a variety of roofing, balconies, stairs and flooring situations.

You can customise your own system, based on our extensive range of protective modular items which you can see in our catalogue. You can choose the components that you need or ask us to design the edge protection systems that will best suit your site needs as well as your budget for the project. Our permanent solutions for edge protection are stylish and appear non-intrusive to the overall design of the building.

Our edge protection systems can be grouped into temporary, such as a construction project, or permanent for balconies, roofs etc.  You can choose from a wide variety of materials – from aluminium to cast iron, wood and galvanized steel depending on the purpose of the protection you require.

We cater for domestic or industrial purposes and our technical manuals will guide you in the correct installation and maintenance regimes as necessary. Our products are fully compliant with European and International standard 13374, for flat and sloped pitches.