Fall protection systems

Our fall protection systems are used by many leading construction companies for use in projects throughout the world. Safe use of a building is dependant not only on having temporary fall protection systems during the construction phase, but also for the life of the building.

Areas that are mandated by safety regulations in relation to fall hazards include balconies, terraces, stairs and edge beams. We have designed our systems to be compatible with either flat (Class A, tilts up to 10 ⁰) or inclined (Class B, tilts up to 30⁰) applications. It is important that within the building design, your architect or draftsman has made proper consideration of these safety risks, as not only injury as well as financial damage can result if proper fall protection systems are not in place.

You can be confident that we have the longstanding experience and reputation in designing and manufacturing a variety of reliable solutions such as modular ladders and gangways to protect users of the building by our range of purpose-designed wood or steel systems to prevent falls.

They are compliant with European safety standard 13374 and can be affixed to concrete and other materials and our instruction manual can guide you in the correct installation and maintenance of our range of fall protection systems.