Warehouse garment rack systems

We are proud to be leading the way with optimally designed warehouse garment rack systems. We don’t just build storage units. We design and produce fully modular and intelligent garment hanger and shelving storage systems for clothing manufacturers and distributors throughout Europe and internationally. We have developed our range of customizable units that can work together throughout your distribution chain to make the transportation of garments, on rails or on shelves from warehouse to warehouse.

On this site you can browse our unique and intelligent  solutions which will  streamline storage and accessibility within your apparel and accessories warehouse. Garment rack systems come in a diverse range for different types of garments including everything from coats to underwear. They are fully integrated to enable efficient order picking loading and unloading. They are also designed to make use of every square inch, floor to ceiling, which will maximise your profitability.

We can assist you in the total design of your storage space as well as your transit vehicles. Using the Metal House Flexymod Air and Shelving systems will revolutionise your garment distribution and logistics and will save you time and money and improve accurate stock management.  Partnering with Metal House for your warehouse fit out makes perfect sense.